Screw Down: SM-Rib

  • Easy to Install even for beginners!
  • The most Budget friendly and the easiest to work with!
  • Ideal for a Home, Barn, Shed, as siding or skirting!
  • Improves appearance by giving it a Traditional look!
  • The roof is low maintanence and durable. Can withstand heavy rainfall and wind
  • Mill Finish and other light colors reflect the sunlight saving you money on your electrical bill!
  • All Colored panels withstand continuous sunshine!

All available colors for SM-RIB can be found here.
Please note, that the colors you see may not be accurate due to the technological limitations of office equipment.
Our color chart is intended only as a guide and does not reflect the color depth, vibrance & texture of the product.
If you would like to look at our product samples, please come visit us!
If you do not see the color you like, we can order it just for you!

Panel Specifications:
36" Coverage; 3/4" Tall Rib, Grade 80;
Fastened in the panel over min 15/32" Plywood.

Available gauge: 26 ga.
Available Colors: Many Colors Available
Roof Pitch: Minimum slope is 2/12
SM-Rib Panel Profile: showing panel's dimmentions and stretch. Rib Height 3/4", Rib to Rib 9", Coverage 36"
SM-Rib Panel fasterners' pattern on the left indicates how to properly install
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