Screw Down: 5V-Crimp

  • Easy to Install
  • Budget Friendly
  • Ideal for a Home
  • Adds a special and unique look to any house!
  • The roof is low maintanence, durable, and can withstand heavy rainfall and wind
  • Mill Finish reflects the sunlight saving you money on your electrical bill!
Panel Specifications:
24" Coverage; 3/8" tall Rib; Grade 50
Fastened in the rib of the panel over min 15/32" Plywood.

Available gauge: 26 ga.
Available Colors: Clear Galvalume Only
Roof Pitch: Minimum slope is 2/12
5V-Crimp Panel Profile on the right is showing 5v panels dimmentions  
  5V-Crimp fasterners' pattern on the left indicates how to properly install
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